Westend Centre for Assisted Reproduction Limited

Introductory Information

Daily Ultrasound and Blood Tests:
Monday-Saturday @7:30am (First come first serve)
Sunday / Holiday hours may vary, please check hours in advance with staff.
When you arrive, please sign in on the ultrasound/ blood test sheet in the laboratory.
If you are having a pregnancy blood test only, please write BHCG, and do not leave without seeing the doctor.
Please call us on Day 1 of your menstrual cycle, and the receptionist will book an appointment for an ultrasound/blood test. After this you will be seen by the doctor for further tests or treatment and cycle monitoring.
(You will be called in turn by the Lab Technician and the Ultrasound Technician, and the Doctor as required.)
You will be informed  as to when a semen sample is required for artificial insemination. Do not bring a semen sample, unless you are told to do so. Instructions will be given.

    Please download this form
and have completed by the referring physician